Pricing of Agricultural Capital Input in Pakistan: An Analysis of Bound Testing Approach


  • Hina Ali Assistant Professor, The Women University Multan, Pakistan
  • Hira Tahir Department of Economics, The Women University Multan, Pakistan



Pakistan, Land, Price of Capital, Yield


Purpose: This study aims to raise the trouble of adjustment the price of capital input in Pakistan. The data that is take to estimate the analysis is time series which span over from 1974 to 2014. Yield, gross domestic product, exchange rate, land, price of capital, agriculture employment, agriculture imports and exports are variables that use in this study. Econometric technique of auto-regressive distributed lag (ardl) to co-integration approach are applied apply to estimate the long run and short run relationship among variables. Conclusion of this study shows that yield and price of capital are negative and insignificant both in short and long run.


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