Indian Policy to Isolate Pakistan at International Forum and the Way Forward


  • Muhammad Nawaz Bhatti Associate Professor, Department of Politics & IR, University of Sargodha, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Waris Assistant Professor, Department of History, G. C. University, Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Sher Muhammad Assistant Professor, Government College Bhalwal-Sargodha, Pakistan



Pakistan, India, Foreign Policy, Hegemony, Isolation


Bilateral relations of India and Pakistan have been under the shadow of misunderstanding, tensions and wars since the inception of both countries in 1947. India is ambitious to play a hegemonic role in South Asia, but Pakistan is considered a big challenge by the Indian policy makers. To counter Pakistan, India has embarked upon a bi-dimensional strategy towards Pakistan. First, it has intensified its campaign to diplomatically isolate Pakistan through blame game of terrorism. Secondly, it has inclined to use hard force when faced with terrorism and cross old lines. To achieve these targets, India has always used a multifaceted approach to wear away Pakistan's position in the international community. This paper mainly concentrates on the Narendra Modi’s foreign policy to isolate Pakistan among the international community.


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